Why now?

Now is the time to approach small business owners about an innovative benefit offering for their top employees. An executive benefit plan that includes John Hancock Vitality PLUS life insurance offers a unique way to attract and retain top employees.

What's more, it offers some of the benefits that are most sought after by employees, including:

  • Competitive compensation and recognition programs
  • Retirement benefits
  • Health and wellness programs

of people report that benefits & perks are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer1


The solution

Help your business owners stand out from their competition with John Hancock's innovative and integrated Vitality program, competitive products, and experienced Advanced Markets attorneys and consultants.

Charitable Planning


Employee turnover

How much does employee turnover really cost?

Employers need to consider the real cost of losing a top employee.


Let us help you navigate executive benefit planning: 
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1. Source, Glassdoor’s 5 Job Trends to Watch in 2016 article.

2. Source: Huffington Post, How Much Does Employee Turnover Really Cost?

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