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COVID-19 and doing business with John Hancock

May 27, 2020


To our valued distribution partners,


We are immensely grateful for your continued partnership and are working all day, every day to help you keep your business moving forward. Over the past two months, you have heard a lot from the John Hancock team about what we are doing to make it easier for you to close cases. In many areas, we’ve made great strides, but in others, improvement is still needed. Despite our very best efforts, we are experiencing service delays. We recognize that these delays are having a direct impact on your business and on behalf of John Hancock, I apologize for any inconvenience to you, or your clients.

Please know our teams are working tirelessly to get service levels back to normal and are taking significant action in the following areas to help expedite our processes:

1. Staffing – in recent weeks, we have hired new employees, re-hired recently retired employees and temporarily reassigned employees from our sales desk to help move cases through the pipeline more quickly and make up for staffing limitations at some of our locations overseas due to COVID-19. The team is currently working nights and weekends to minimize delays. In addition, to accommodate the increase in licensing inventory, new staff will be operational by June 1.

2. Underwriting – to expedite underwriting and alleviate some of the challenges presented by the current environment, we’ve introduced a modified underwriting process that includes:

  • Expanded APS summarization capabilities
  • Expanded John Hancock ExpressTrack® streamlined underwriting process to include paper applications with no need for a telephone interview1
  • Access to electronic health records thru collaborations with Human API and Clareto

3. Technology – to accommodate our many partners who are still working remotely, we continue to offer electronic delivery of policy packages, including all delivery requirements via secure e-mail. This includes access to John Hancock’s DocuSign account.

Our current service levels are listed below along with some helpful hints to enable us to better serve you and your customers at this time. Furthermore, we are paying particular focus to those occasional cases that fall well outside our service standards so that we can take proactive steps to keep you informed and supported.


Service levels


We are optimistic that service levels can and will return to normal by June 30 and hope you start to notice improvements as the changes listed above begin to have a broader impact. In the meantime, we will continue to update you as we make progress towards our goal, so you know exactly what to expect. Our next communication on service levels will be on or before June 10.

Again, thank you for your continued trust and patience. Our commitment to you and your clients is unwavering and we will not be satisfied until we are delivering the level of service you have come to expect from us.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your local John Hancock salesperson.

Helpful hints

  • The John Hancock Field Underwriting Guide offers answers to frequently asked questions on medical impairments and financial underwriting guidelines.
  • To avoid delays in processing of your application submissions, please follow the established submission methods. Please do not email documents directly to the underwriters or case managers.
  • Our underwriters remain accessible to discuss specific case-related questions.
  • Access to live case status available on
  • Quick Quote underwriting assessments should be submitted through your designated Quick Quote mailbox. Please do not submit Quick Quote assessment requests directly to the underwriters.
  • Your John Hancock salesperson is always available to help you manage high-priority cases and to walk you through any of the enhancements outlined above.


Linda C. Levyne, CLU, ChFC 
SVP, Head of Sales and Distribution

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1. ExpressTrack is not available in the state of New York.