A message from

Marianne Harrison

President and CEO, John Hancock

March 17, 2020


To our valued distribution partners,

Throughout this challenging time, our top priority at John Hancock remains the health and safety of our employees, our customers and our partners.

We express our deepest sympathies to those whose health has been affected and our well wishes to all dealing with changes in their personal and professional lives.

John Hancock is well-positioned to navigate this evolving situation. We have robust and tested business continuity plans in place to ensure we are proactive and prepared, and employees in critical functions can work remotely, as part of our regular preparedness practices. Please see the attached Business Continuity Plan PDF for further details.

You should not expect a disruption in our ability to support our customers and operate our businesses, and we continue to deliver products and services to our customers.

John Hancock has committed $1 Million to help provide food and essential medicines (as well as other support services) to families and children in need due to the pandemic. We’re proud to support the Boston Resiliency Fund as a cornerstone of this effort to foster a healthier, more equitable Boston, especially during such challenging times. We believe it’s our responsibility to do our part to support the health and safety of those within our community and help ensure their future stability and family success.

We are proud of our team of employees and partners, they remain focused, committed and resilient.

John Hancock will continue to take necessary actions to ensure the health and safety of our employees, and service to our customers is a top priority.


Marianne Harrison

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