A message from

Brooks Tingle

President and CEO,
John Hancock Insurance

March 24, 2020


To our valued distribution partners,

The past two weeks have left us all with more questions than answers. In this time of great uncertainty and rapidly evolving information, I want to assure you that as your partner, John Hancock Insurance will continue to support you, your business and your clients — all day, every day. Your business has not stopped and neither has ours.

Through careful planning, we have taken steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and business partners, while mitigating disruptions to our sales process. At John Hancock, we have helped our sales partners weather many unexpected challenges in our 155+ year history. We have learned lessons from each experience that have made us more prepared and better equipped to work through the current global pandemic and continue to process new business, pay claims and support your success.

As part of our business continuity plan: 

  • Key staff are in place to address your business needs — including in our new business, underwriting and inforce areas 

  • Many of our staff are cross-trained to support vital functions and avoid any business interruptions

  • To limit the opportunity for the virus to spread, we’ve asked our employees to work remotely and our sales team to refrain from traveling. But  we have provided each of them with a robust selection of virtual tools that will allow them to work seamlessly and effectively to meet your needs.

  • Given the evolving landscape, we are preparing an update on temporary underwriting revisions that we expect to share with you in the coming days. Our industry is designed to help people plan, prepare and protect. 

Our team is unwavering in our commitment to that mission and in our commitment to you. As we’ve learned, challenging times often prompt people to survey their own preparedness, including future financial protection for their families. Together, we will find innovative ways to meet the demand and continue offering the peace of mind that life insurance can provide, at a time when people need comfort and security most. 

Above all, I wish you and your families well. Thank you for the trust you place in John Hancock Insurance. Together, we will get through this situation and be stronger for it.


Brooks Tingle

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