Rider Highlights

  • Pays a benefit — provides a one-time, income tax-free, lump-sum benefit up to $250,000 upon initial diagnosis of a covered critical illness such as a heart attack, cancer, or a stroke2
  • Preserves the death benefit — offers a income tax-free payment that’s separate from the death benefit, preserving it for the policy's beneficiaries
  • Protects your clients’ lifestyle — helps cover the costs associated with recovery, in addition to day-to-day expenses
  • Covered illnesses include heart attack, stroke, cancer, coronary artery bypass grafting, kidney failure, major organ failure, and paralysis

How it works

  1. John Hancock anticipates that the Critical Illness Benefit paid under this rider will generally be excludable from income under Internal Revenue Code Section 104(a)(3). However, the benefit may not qualify for this exclusion with certain third-party ownership arrangements.

The Critical Illness Benefit Rider provides a one-time lump sum benefit for covered critical illnesses subject to eligibility requirements. The benefit will not be paid for critical illnesses initially diagnosed before the rider effective date or during the waiting period. See the product producer guide for additional details. The rider is not available in all states and state variations may apply.

This material does not constitute tax or legal advice and neither John Hancock nor any of its agents, employees or registered representatives are in the business of offering such advice. You should consult with your own tax advisor.